How to Style your Jewelry

How to Style your Jewelry

Glam Up Your Look With Bling Jewelry

A little bling goes a long way – that’s what we, at Charm Box, believe! So whether it’s a glam outfit or a plain Jane dress, adding accessories will instantly add the much needed-sparkle to your look. And it’s safe to say that any outfit, no matter how expensive it is, is incomplete without the perfect set of accessories.

At Charm Box, we’ve created a range of jewelry to match every outfit you wear. Our jewelry is also apt for different occasions, and with the wide range of designs we offer, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. And well, how can we not brag about our range of custom jewelry! All the custom jewelry designs have been an absolute hit amongst our customers, and needless to say, we love creating them for you as well.

Custom Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry

Our custom jewelry features a variety of necklaces, to which the pendants can be customized. You can add in your first name, just the first letter of your name, or your initials to these neckpieces as pendants, and add a personalized touch to your jewelry. The blingy necklaces look really cool on different outfits – so the next time you’re seeking the perfect statement accessory to go with your party outfit, you know what to pick! Reach out and get your custom necklaces, so that you can flaunt them wherever you go. You can also gift these stunners to fellow bling-lovers!

Likewise, we have a splendid range of fashion jewelry, too! Right from necklaces, bracelets, pendants, anklets, rings, and earrings to watches, we have it all. And yes, there’s always an element of customization that you can add to your fashion jewelry as well. Our fashion jewelry ranges from bold to minimalist – so there’s something for everyone here.

You can either pair our Bust Down Nail Bangle with a formal dress or go all out and make a statement with our Diamante Bracelet. You just need to pick the perfect jewelry pieces that would work well with your outfits and the occasions you’ll be wearing them, too.

So How to Style Custom Jewelry?

This totally depends on your personal style and preferences. But if you’re clueless about how to get going with bling custom jewelry, we’re here to help. You can either choose one single accessory or go for a combination of many.

For example, if you’ve chosen to go for necklaces, you can mix and match different chain link styles. You also have the option of playing around with different chain widths, textures, and metals, for a layered look.

Along with necklaces, you can also include other accessories such as a matching bracelet or earrings to your outfit. It all boils down to the amount of bling you’re ready to flaunt. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing more than one necklace at a time, you can always choose to pair your necklace with other accessories. Among bracelets, you have different styles such as Cuban, Tennis, Bust Down, Miami, Crystal Cuban, Royale, Marina, Baguette, and Icy Heart.

Watches work well as bracelets, too. You can check our range of watches – we’ve added enough bling to our watches, as well! Our classy, stylish (and blingy) watches are just what you need to make a statement – irrespective of your outfit on the occasion!

Plus, we have rings, too! We have an amazing collection of rings – Tennis rings, Chunky Heart Rings, Icy Heart Rings, Icy Wifey Rings, and Evil Eye Rings – you name it and we have it all!

Choice of Outfit

If you’re opting for a simple look, you can always play it down with simple rings, small earrings, and a sleek bracelet. Your outfit plays an important role in the choice of jewelry, too. Good custom jewelry typically works well with blacks and darker colors, whereas silver and white gold jewelry is perfect for the lighter, toned-down colors.

The neckline of the outfit is an important aspect, too – High Neck shirts go hand-in-hand with long necklines, whereas chokers are perfect for medium necklines. Mid-length necklaces are best suited for U and V neck collars.

When you choose bling jewelry, you need to make sure your overall look is balanced. Bold, graphic prints are a big no with statement jewelry pieces. If you want your jewelry to be the focus, you need to opt for toned-down outfits that would allow your jewelry to steal the show.

Is Custom and Fashion Jewelry Long-Lasting?

The durability of your jewelry totally depends on how you take care of it. As custom and fashion jewelry are made of different materials, you need to be cautious about it. This jewelry is delicate, and you should preferably take it off when performing any chores. You would have to take off your jewelry while cleaning your home or garden. Any type of chemical exposure is a big no. Likewise, exposure to the water in the swimming pool, too, would damage your accessories.

You would need to store these accessories separately to prevent them from getting tangled, and ultimately damaged. The best way out is to store this jewelry in separate sections so that they won’t touch each other. Pouches or individual jewelry cases would help protect your jewelry from all wear and tear.

Even when you travel, ensure you store the jewelry in a separate travel case. Merely tossing them into a pouch and then into your bag would only end up damaging it. Lastly, check your jewelry pieces as often as you can. This would help identify the pieces that need repair or cleaning.

Before you clean your prized accessories, you need to be aware of what material they are made of. Some jewelry needs to be polished with certain special polishes, whereas others should not be submerged in water. Knowing how to treat your jewelry right is just as important in maintaining its durability.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Jewellery

Skin Tone

When investing in jewelry (custom or fashion) you need to consider your skin tone before you pick the designs. Of course, you can flaunt what you love, irrespective of your skin colour, but there are certain colors that work well with specific skin tones.


Some jewelry pieces may look excellent at the first sight, but when you actually put them on, you may realize that they aren’t really looking as you thought they would. This way you’d end up with a box of jewelry that you wouldn’t ever wear.


Instead, you can choose to pick jewelry that blends well with your skin tone, while making a statement. On cool skin tones, light or white metals work best. You can opt for white, gold, platinum, or silver. Frosty shades of ice blue or pink suit cool skin tones, too. For warmer skin tones, yellow and rose gold look perfect.


Everyone’s comfort level is different - some would totally rock bling jewelry while others would like simple, yet beautiful designs. So pick designs that go with your comfort and style. Don’t get carried away by what’s trending or what looks good on someone else.


You need to pick the accessories that you love and would be ready to flaunt. Also, the jewelry you wear also depends on the occasion - so keep that in mind before you purchase your accessories. At Charm Box, we have different types of accessories for people with different styles and preferences. You can easily choose what suits you best from our wide range of accessories.


Another important factor you need to consider is the budget. Accessories come in different price ranges - and at Charm Box, we, too, have crafted jewelry pieces to suit varying budgets. So you can freely pick fabulous jewelry as per your budget!


Must-Have Accessories


Bracelets and watches are timeless accessories that work well for all occasions and outfits. You can pair them with anything you want to and they’ll still look amazing. Pick a watch or bracelet of the right color and rock it with your outfit anywhere you go!


The best part about rings is that you can wear one of them or five of them - they’ll still look great! You can choose from our range of rings - Double Row Tennis Rings, Chunky Heart Ring, Icy Heart RIng, Icy Wifey Ring, Evil Eye Ring, and the Sterling Silver Double Row Tennis RIng.


Oversized hoops (and even the normal ones) give you this cool, hipster look. They are perfect for a party as well as a casual look - making them

 must-haves in your box of accessories.


Flaunting pendants is super cool if you do it the right way. We have a range of pendants of different shapes - butterfly, snowflake, lock, cursive letter, and heart as well. We can customize pendants as per your requirements, too.

Summing Up

In the end, accessories are just another part of your outfit. Choose what you love and flaunt it. No matter what you wear, sport it with confidence. You’re the real deal, the outfits and accessories are only to enhance your look!


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